The ECAHS Achievement Awards were implemented in 2016 to honor Crabbet-bred horses that meet the ECAHS Crabbet certification requirement of at least 25% Crabbet/Blunt bloodlines. In 2017, we added a Junior Division to each of the four events that ECAHS sponsored. We presently make awards at The Biltmore Challenge, The Old Dominion Endurance Rides, The Tevis Cup and the East Coast Championships. For 2018, we will be adding an event that the Ontario Competitive Trail Riding Association sponsors. Entering is free, the only requirement is that your horse be ECAHS certified.
East Coast Championships ECAHS Achievement Newsletter
ECAHS Awards for Old Dominion Endurance Ride Results
Biltmore Challenge Rides Results for 2017
2016 Awards
2017 Awards