Pedigree Certification


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To order pedigree certifications for multiple horses, please fill in the information for the first horse and click “add to cart,” then click “continue shopping” to add the next horse.

In order to show your horses at ECAHS sponsored events, they must be certified to be at least 25% Crabbet/Blunt Breeding. This is accomplished by pedigree research by an expert and the percent will be provided to two decimal points rounded up (for example 79.54%). The percentage requirement of Crabbet/Blunt blood to be eligible to be certified is 25%. Many horses that you would not think of as being “Crabbet” have the qualifying amount so check carefully.

To have your horses certified by the Eastern Crabbet Arabian Horse Society, you should send a copy of the front and back of your AHRA or IAHA registration certificate and/or a pedigree if it is not contained on the back of the registration certificate. If you are sending a pedigree, please include foaling date, color, sex AND REGISTRATION NUMBER.

The cost of certification is $5.00 per horse ($10.00 per horse for non-ECAHS members) which supports the printing of the ECAHS certificate, which is suitable for framing. You will receive an ECAHS certificate indicating the percentage of Crabbet blood in your horse(s) and this will entitle you to participate in ECAHS events providing your horse(s) is at least 25% Crabbet/Blunt breeding.