Coates Creek Challenge July 10, 2021

Sep 2, 2021


By Kristen Howard

The Eastern Crabbet Arabian Horse Society provided lovely neck ribbons to the highest placing Crabbet-related Arabian/Part-Arabian in the 50 mile endurance (Senior/Junior) and the 25 LD at the Coates Creek Ride on July 10, 2021.

In the 50 mile endurance, the winner of the Junior Division was Charlotte Trembla (above) riding Adversity who is 60.98% Crabbet! And her mother (below), Nancy Zukewich riding Serious Moonlight who is 52.40% Crabbet took the Senior Division!

In the 25 mile LD, the winner of the Senior Division was Shannon Thorndyke-Kirwin riding Leeloo Minai who is 28.89% Crabbet!

Other Crabbet participants in the 50 miler included Kristen Howard riding Aristaborr + who is 43.84% Crabbet.

There were no ‘official’ entries in the 25 mile Junior Division, but if there had been, Clara Elchuk (daughter of Richelle Elchuk) riding Rick Burnside’s horse, Kari Briar would have taken it! I hope they consider getting Kari Briar Crabbet certified so these two can participate ‘officially’ in the future.

Other Crabbet participants in the 25 miler included Linda Klarner with her two horses, Vanoaks Freedom Rings (45.50% Crabbet) and I’m No Angel ++ (who is 38.27% Crabbet); and, Bri Henderson-Elliott riding Rivendell Elessar (58.35% Crabbet).

Thanks to everyone who entered and getting their Crabbet-bred Arabians around the challenging course safely!