ECAHS Board Directors and Officers Elected

Nov 28, 2020


We are pleased to announce the results of the ECAHS Board elections for Officers and Directors. Thanks to everyone that sent in their ballots. We would also like to thank all of the people that agreed to be placed on the ballot.
As in years past, we would like for all of the people that were on the ballot, but not elected, to join in our Board of Directors meetings as Advisors to the Board and voice your thoughts and help with guiding us in the right direction.


President Buzz Moore

Vice President Pat Bobb

Secretary/Treasurer Vivian Mack

Directors (2 year terms):

Randy Stoneback, Susie and Bob Hammond, & LoAnn Haines with Lisa Littrell (1st Alternate) & Patty Gerdes (2nd Alternate)

Advisors: Jen Neemann, Rosemary Doyle, Sherry Crow, & Jane Peple

Cricket Gates and Dawn Jones-Low will continue as Directors for 2021.

104 ballots were mailed, 65 returned (62.5%).