Mayhems Illusion 62.12% Crabbet. With-McKenzie Blake. Photo: DJL
Payback Mari 74.41% Crabbet
OLF Royal Angel 87.13% Crabbet. Photo: Crabbet Heritage
MRF Haj Araba 73.10% Crabbet. Photo: DJL
AM Bright Warrior. 77.06% Crabbet. Jeanne Duffie
Mayhems Illusion 62.12% Crabbet. With-McKenzie Blake. Photo: DJL
Mayhems Illusion 62.12% Crabbet. Wi...
Payback Mari 74.41% Crabbet
Payback Mari 74.41% Crabbet
OLF Royal Angel 87.13% Crabbet. Photo: Crabbet Heritage
OLF Royal Angel 87.13% Crabbet. Pho...
MRF Haj Araba 73.10% Crabbet. Photo: DJL
MRF Haj Araba 73.10% Crabbet. Photo...
AM Bright Warrior. 77.06% Crabbet. Jeanne Duffie
AM Bright Warrior. 77.06% Crabbet. ...
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Honoree Award Recipients

2019 ECAHS Honorees

Lifetime Achievement

Robbi Pruitt of Culver, Oregon

Robbi has bred over 150 Crabbet Arabian horses which have excelled in endurance. She herself completed three Tevis rides on three different horses and rode 13,630 miles in AERC endurance rides. Although she has mostly retired from breeding, she has devoted the last five years to rescuing over 600 Mustang foals.

Hall of Fame

Barbara and Bob Carlson of Massachusetts, New Jersey and Florida

Bob and Barbara started their Arabian horse venture in 1953 with the purchase of Raml (Padisha x Keenath). In 1960 they purchased a 100-acre farm in Lafayette, NJ which began Carlson Arabian Horse Farm that became a successful entity breeding champion Arabians. Barbara was an AHSA judge and known for her rigid adherence to the rules. She judged two Crabbet Celebrations for ECAHS.

The Ronald Dow Family of Belfast, Maine

The Dows purchased *Oran Van Crabbet as a weanling at Crabbet Park in 1960, but was a yearling before coming to the US. They also imported *Indian Taj Aziz, *Plesk and *Wentworth Silver Shadow. The rest they say, is history. *OVC was one of the first Arabians with knee motion and good hock action. In 1964 *OVC was sent to Bob Hart for training and with Bob’s expertise and quiet ways they were a match made In heaven.

Benefactor of the Breed

Matthew & Winkie Mackay-Smith of WhitePost, Virginia

Both Matthew and Winkie were endurance riders and supported the Old Dominion 100 Mile Endurance Ride in Virginia from its start in 1974, and they both rode in the Tevis Cup. Matthew rode the Tevis and ODE 100 in 1995, and placed 1st in both on W.C. Freiheit (Crabbet-bred). Matthew, a veterinarian, updated and revised the AERC veterinary handbook. He was also one of the founders and the medical editor for Equus magazine from 1977 until 2007.

Garvin and Lee Tankersley, Jr. of Keymar, Maryland

Garvin and Lee have raised many purebred Arabians, Anglo Arabians and two wonderful children, Blythe and Garvin III. Garvin was interested in reining and had several horses that did quite well. He joined the Governing Board of AHR and was appointed to the Importation Committee and eventually became Chair which required many trips to other countries and ultimately Garvin was elected President of AHRA.

Linda Tellington-Jones of Sante Fe, New Mexico and Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

Linda is a teacher, author, animal and human therapist noted for her Tellington TTouch® method of training. She is linked to a variety of horse breeds but it was her affiliation with Crabbet Arabians that shined the brightest light on her early career. Linda began training Arabians in Southern California as far back as the 1950s. She is also noted for training horses believed to be untrainable. In 1961 Linda, riding the Doyle bred Bint Gulida, won the Jim Shoulders 100 Mile Endurance Ride, and finished 5-1/2 hours ahead of the 2nd place rider. Bint Gulida also won the Best Condition Award.

If you are interested in learning more about any or all of the honorees, request a PDF from of the entire article published in our Crabbet Celebration Show Program.