Skowronek Research by Carol W. Mulder

Mar 25, 2022


ECAHS is proud to share the following document regarding the pedigree and offspring of the great Skowronek as researched and compiled by the deeply respected Arabian horse researcher, Carol W. Mulder.

We are honored that Carol Mulder asked us to publish this material to the ECAHS community.

A bit of information about Carol Mulder’s deep roots with Arabian horses:
(extract from her recent letter to ECAHS; used with permission)

From my birth I was raised around the old (1925-1963) Kellogg Arabian Horse Ranch at Pomona, California. I remained associated with that establishment for my first 28 years which was during the period when it was one of the most important and influential Arabian breeding establishments in the U.S.
I began quite carefully collecting and cataloguing research data about the Arabian horse when I was about 12 years old – which was about 78 years ago. I still have all of it.
I sort of think I may be the only person involved with Arabian horses today who can say that one of my best childhood horse friends, that I knew well for many years, was a stallion foaled in 1916 (106 years ago), whose sire I believe was foaled in 1888 (that was 134 years ago). I am talking about Jadaan 196 – very famous and widely known in his time, but hardly anybody today knows of him. (By the way – Jadaan was a beautiful horse, very typy, and an absolutely wonderful gentle, sensible, and unflappable disposition.)”