The Frisco Mari Tale

Oct 24, 2020


The article below is the first in a series we hope to share  on our website and in our newsletters. ECAHS had to cancel its Crabbet Celebration and was unable to present awards to its honorees. Also, we came across some plaques that had been placed in storage and were never presented to honorees or family members of those honorees.

We have been in the process of mailing the current honoree plaques and searching for the intended recipients or their families of the stored plaques and have been fairly successful. Each person we have contacted has been asked to kindly supply us with a photo of themselves and their plaque and we hope to share their stories with everyone.


Frisco, Rose, Dorothy and Clara

Back in 2000 Frisco Mari was awarded the ECAHS Hall of Fame award. For unknown reasons, the plaque was not forwarded to immediate family and eventually ended up in storage. Then low and behold we were contacted by Tara Swan through our ECAHS website. Tara joined our group and also told us of her friendship with Rose and Dorothy Mari and how they knew about their Dad being honored, but had never received the plaque. Tara was able to supply us with an address and told us how excited and honored Rose and Dorothy were to learn that we would be forwarding the original plaque that had been located in storage, but we were also sending a second plaque that was recently done honoring the Mari Family.

In the mailing to Rose and Dorothy, we had asked if they would be so kind as to take a picture of the two of them with the plaques once they arrived. They did that and more… are a few pictures to enjoy and learn a little more about Sol de Villa Ranch in Santa Ynez, CA.

Sol De Villa Ranch
Santa Ynez, CA

Tara says that Rose and Dorothy were a real inspiration to her and it is an honor to be friends with them.

Rose is 83 years young, Dorothy is 90 years young and their sister Clara is 94 years young and lives in KY. ECAHS is so glad we connected with you!

Rose and Dorothy pictured with a drawing of Frisco, Dorothy and
Ferseyn (*Raseyn x *Ferda)
Valley Life 2014 Article
Rose aboard Sagunto+ (Regis x Ferditha)
An article appeared  in the Arabian Horse World  originally published in July of 1999 and written by Mary Jane Parkinson. The  caption on this picture reads  “The Mari Family, breeder of Arabian Horses. Pictured left to right: Frisco with *Szarza, Clara with Granada,  Rose with Bella Rosa and Dorothy with SDV  Sandiago in this 1967 photo.