The Gold Team Attacks Region 15 Championship Arabian Horse Show

Jul 18, 2020


A group of three women formed a team using three high percentage Crabbet Arabians. The goal of this team was to achieve as much success as possible using three descendants of BL Majestic Gold+/ (100% Crabbet) and TrueBlue Goldmine+++// (84.68% Crabbet), a BL Majestic Gold son.

The Gold Team recently competed at the Region 15 Arabian & Half-Arabian Championships July 1-5, 2020 at the Virginia Horse Center in Lexington, VA.

Abby Tymchak – Chrystal Wood – Lindsay Shaw

The conspirators are Lindsay Shaw (Amateur and Junior Rider and Handler), Abby Tymchak (Owner and Amateur Rider and Handler) and Chrystal Wood (Owner and professional Rider and Trainer. Their three worthy steeds are Worth My Wait Ingold+++// (TrueBlue Goldmine+++// x Lorraine), owned by Chrystal Wood, TB Bin Bintu Britni+ (TrueBlue Goldmine+++// x TrueBlue Rockette), owned by True Blue Arabians and Gold Reflection++// (BL Majestic Gold+/ x Kailua Bay), owned by Abby Tymchak. These three devious conspirators even took along a crack barn and groom team of Will Noonan and Sharon Noonan (aka: Barn Diva) to help facilitate a coordinated attack.

Groom Extraordinaire – Will Noonan

This team achieved the following results:

Worth My Wait Ingold +++//

               Shown by Chrystal Wood and Lindsay Shaw


  • Half-Arabian SHUS Dressage Type Open
  • Half Arabian Working Hunter Over Fences Open
  • First Level Dressage Open
  • Hunt Seat Equitation Over Fences−Lindsay Shaw

Reserve Champion:

  • Half Arabian SHIH Hunter Type Open

Top 5:

  • Half Arabian Hunter Hack Open

TB Bin Bintu Britni +

               Shown by Chrystal Wood and Lindsay Shaw


  • A/HA/AA Training Level Dressage JTR
  • Arabian Western Dressage Basic Test 4

Reserve Champion:

  • Arabian Training Level Test 3 Open

Top 5:

  • Arabian SHUS JTR Dressage Type
  • Arabian SHUS Open Dressage Type
  • Arabian SHUS ATR Dressage Type
  • Arabian SHUS Open Hunter Type
  • Arabian Working Hunter 2 ft. Open
  • Arabian First Level Test 3 Open
  • Arabian Western Dressage Basic Test 4 ATR

Gold Reflection ++//

Shown by Abby Tymchak and Lindsay Shaw


  • Arabian SHIH ATH Hunter Type
  • Arabian First level Dressage Test 3 AATR
  • Arabian Western Dressage Basic Test 4 ATR

Reserve Champion:

  • SHUS AOTR Dressage Type
  • A/HA/AA First Level Test 3 AATR

Top 5:

  • Arabian SHUS ATR Hunter Type
  • Arabian SHIH JTH Hunter Type
Abby Tymchak – Chrystal Wood – Lindsay Shaw

I would say by any standard the Gold Team was very successful and achieved or even surpassed their goals and expectations.  Like any group of athletes, they are not satisfied and will keep working hard to achieve even loftier goals and achievements.

In my opinion, this team proved once again that quality bred Crabbet Arabians handled and ridden by the right people can achieve success at the highest levels of competition.

Congratulations Gold Team. You may take the week off, although I know you won’t.

                                                                                                                           Bill Noonan
True Blue Arabians

PS: Congratulations to Lisa Littrell and her fantastic 2019 ECAHS Horse of the Year winner, AM Mysterious Mistres+++/ (Bremervale Andronicus ++++// x AM Miss Missile), 68.36% Crabbet, on a fantastic Region 15 show.  Once again, high percentage Crabbet Arabians and their owners make us proud.