Virginia Kelsall 1930-2021

Nov 24, 2021

Virginia at the ECAHS Celebration XXV

One Person can make a difference!

    I knew Virginia for over 50 years.  I firmly believe that she is the main reason that the Arabian horse became a major part of my life for this same period.

    Jean Phillos introduced me to Virginia less than six months after Virginia’s husband, Arthur. died in a tragic automobile accident.  I purchased my first Arabian from her in 1971.  Patrician Alamat, a very nice colt, by her grand stallion, Al-Marah Rapid, who was bred by R. B. Field.  That was the beginning of our long and eventful relationship!

Virginia with Al-Marah Rapid (Rapture x Mlecha) 1957 chestnut stallion

    Virginia introduced me to pedigrees and how to do research in the Stud Books.  She helped me lease my first mare from Bazy Tankersly.  She introduced me to the Pennsylvania Arabian Horse Association and specifically the Southeast District.  She persuaded me to become a director of Southeast as well as become a long term volunteer supporting numbers of Southeast events, including the Cheshire Competitive ride, the East Coast Show and the Judged Pleasure Ride.

    She introduced me to ECAHS and encouraged me to become involved, become a board member and work for this organization along with her.  We have also traveled extensively on many horses adventures.

    I am sure many people can relate to my experience with Virginia.  I am only one of hundreds of people who have been influenced by her over a lifetime.  Virginia dedicated her life to the Arabian horse, AHA, Region 15, Pennsylvania Arabian Horse Association and the Eastern Crabbet Arabian Horse Society for over 77 years.  Her first foal crop was in 1955.

Dedicated “Ribbon Girl” for ECAHS

    No matter how much work you do on behalf of the Arabian horse or any organization, I always feel my efforts are part time, whereas the Arabian horse has been a full time passion and labor of love for Virginia.  Her family and the Arabian Horse were what made Virginia the person she was.

    Don’t ever believe that a single person cannot make a difference.  Virginia made a difference in many peoples’ lives.  The glass was always half full, no setback could not be overcome, she was the consummate  optimist.

    I will miss her and suffer from her absence in my life.  Many, many people in her community and the Arabian Horse World will also feel this same loss.

–William Noonan
True Blue Arabians